Who we are

Poriotis S. Konstantinos, back in 1990 started working on projects featuring architectural concrete surfaces under the strict guidance of great architects such us K.Krokos, G.Makris, T.Biris, D.Isaias, T.Papaioannou. Over the years he managed to come up with plethora of solutions on how to improve the aesthetics and produce custom finishes on fair faced concrete, by thinking unconventionally.

Nowadays, his sons Kostas and Spyros Poriotis are actively involved in all of company’s projects by having the technical expertise which derives from our past and bringing new ideas to keep up with design trends and materials technology.

What we do

PORIOTIS FAIR FACED CONCRETE specializes in delivering high-quality finishes to architectural concrete and fair faced concrete surfaces post-construction. Our specialist approach is employed by leading Greek architects and construction firms to achieve the highest-possible finish on exposed concrete.

This is not traditional concrete ‘making good’ but high-quality cosmetic work undertaken by specially trained technicians. The result - cosmetic concrete repairs that are almost undetectable as they look and feel like the original concrete. Examples of our work are present in some of Greece’s finest examples of architectural concrete structures and award-winning projects.

By implementing our unique system to enhance and repair, we enable the original architectural intent and aesthetic of high-end exposed concrete to be fully achieved. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of concrete finishes including exposed aggregate (polished, sandblasted, bush hammered, washed), troweled, stained, and have our own patented polymer modified mortars and plasters that come in different textures and colors.

Notable projects

A: Αυγής 26, Νέο Ηράκλειο
A: Σολωμού 56, Μεταμόρφωση
A: Αγίας Παρασκευής 6, Λυκόβρυση